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  • Sound Hire Johannesburg Service

    Great ideas for AV equipment hire in 2017

    You may think that sound systems are only for use in corporate events and company meetings. These are great uses for PA systems and other AV equipment but there actually other great ideas for sound system use.

    Private events such as birthday parties and special days such as weddings, fun days and yearly events such as Christmas and New Years eve parties. There are other great reasons to make us of AV equipment hire in Johannesburg. There are some who say we should look for reasons to celebrate. One way to do that is with a fun "Movie Night". This means having a big projectors screen and a sound system to bring the Cinema feeling into your home.

    It s fun and exciting use of sound system hire and projector hire in Johannesburg. Corporate sound hire can be used for almost any for m of celebration. Another way to make the large screen and sound equipment be part of a greater celebration is through the use of computer gaming. This can be done with either console games or PC. This done very much in the same way as the movie watching but is of course way more interactive. The big projector screen hire and speaker system hire can provide a larger than life gaming experience and can excite and entertain a large group of people as they watch and cheer for opposing sides in many types of competitive gaming. This type of fun activity can be held indoors or outdoors depending on weather conditions.

    With so much of what we do these days being electronic, the amount of potential uses for audio visual equipment hire has sky rocketed. The endless fun and entertainment possible with AV hire is expanding daily. So whether you have a formal event planned or simply want to celebrate life , why not call your favorite local av company in Johannesburg and book a big screen and sound system to turn your event into something spectacular.

  • Sound Hire Johannesburg Service

    Why service matters more than equipment in sound equipment hire

    If you are needing hire sound equipment you might think that the quality of the AV equipment is the most important part of it. This is actually not the case .You may be wondering why that is. Apart from the very small unknown suppliers, most sound hire Johannesburg companies often supply very much the same type and quality of av equipment hire. There may be some differences here and there with brand names but there has become a standard in the audio visual industry of what is suitable sound equipment for hire. There is a difference between sound hire companies on how well they each maintain their equipment but that is just about impossible to know. You can however find out a lot about sound hire companies in Johannesburg by they way they treat you as a potential customers or clients. The company culture often feeds through to the way that their equipment is maintained and how well the equipment and services will be provided for your function or corporate event.

    Some would argue that the quality of service alone is what really matters.Although it is true that service is extremely important it is also what the service of the AV company indicates about many other parts of their company. A sound hire Johannesburg company who pays attention to detail in the first stage of dealing with you may be a very good indicator of how well the business is run overall and how well your event equipment hire will be run.

    As much as a corporate event or conference is not a one off, it is still very important that all technical services go well first time. Corporate events and conferences can cost a lot and the stakes are high. More importantly , the costs of the corporate event may be small in comparison to the possible gains from the result of the event. This means that choosing the right sound hire company is very important. In the resent past, so many people and businesses have moved to testimonials and reviews for a way to judge one service against another. As much as it is very normal to want to have some sort of social approval when making a decision, it is not really the wised thing to do. While av system hire companies and projector hire Johannesburg companies might show you the reviews of the clients who were very happy, you will probably not see the reviews of the clients who were not happy.

    This would mean that sound hire companies with a higher client turn over would have more positive reviews but that does not mean that they have a higher percentage of positive reviews out of all their reviews. Also very few company will list every single review. That means the reviews of the sound hire Johannesburg services , if they are real, are most likely skewed from the start. The only way you can really find out for yourself is by speaking to the sound system hire companies in Johannesburg and finding out how they treat you.

    There is often a direct relation between initial client service and how the client is treated later on and importantly is an indicator of how the rest of the business is run.This includes how well the equipment is maintained and how well the event will be run.

    When sound system hire companies speak to each other about AV equipment there often is the discussion about which brand or model is better than the other. This conversation might be interesting to av equipment hire companies but it has little to no baring on how well your event will go. Most people have no understanding or interest in the technical details of audio visual equipment specifications and rightly so. You wouldn't buy a car because of the technical specs of how the catalytic converter processes exhaust fumes. You would buy it for how it suites your life. In the same way how well a conference is run by sound technicians and audio visual staff is what will affect the results, and experience, the most. AV equipment hire in Johannesburg is therefor more a service business than an equipment business.

  • Sound Hire Johannesburg

    Sound Hire Johannesburg Major Events

    Musician sound vs conference sound

    Many have asked the question whether musician sound is the same as conference sound. Some believe that sound is sound and so it is all universal. That is however not how it is. This is especially different for sound hire Johannesburg companies who supply the sound systems for events.If you simply rent in a sound system without checking, you may end up with inappropriate equipment.

    The differences between the microphones are very subtle and not really enough to affect most music performances or conferences but there are many musicians who will argue that even the slightest difference is enough to be a problem for them. The way a singing microphone is used for performance is different to one for speech. The difference is with the sound quality and issues like body noise.

    Mostly body noise is when holding the microphone you can cause low frequency noises which in most corporate event environments is not really problem but when recording live music it can be a very big problem. The types of microphones used for singing also mostly has a very different frequency response compared with a standard speaking microphone.

    It is the norm that standard speech microphones can not be used for singing but singing microphones can easily be used for speeches as they have a good frequency response. The singing voice level is also much higher than with standard speaking voice. This means that gain settings on the microphone are very different. This is very important when using cordless microphones. A dynamic cable microphone has a lot of dynamic range or "head room" while a cordless microphone has a very narrow range because of the FM modulation of the built in transmitter.

    In the very same way that a radio station has to control the volume carefully to avoid over deviation of the frequency modulation, so must a cordless microphone signal be controlled. With high volume levels, which because they cannot over deviate, result in distortion when a maximum level of deviation is reached.The level at which a cable microphone can distort is much higher.

    The differences can also be quite obvious with PA systems used for sound. When you are looking at sound system hire in Johannesburg , you will probably start to see that the sound is mostly geared at speech for conferences. This does not mean that it cannot be used for music. All that you need to do in many cases is to check that the appropriate components are included. This means additional equipment such as effects and audio limiting units. Some of this equipment can be built in to the system while others can external modules such as guitar pedals.

    Sound hire in Johannesburg should be a service flexible enough for all users from musicians to corporate events in Johannesburg but care should always be taken to check first. If you are looking for a pa system for hire in Johannesburg, you probably need it for speeches so many of these issues don't matter at all but for music performance, for example, having an effects signal send or a monitor return can make all the difference to the performers.

    Most of the the AV companies that provide av equipment for hire in Johannesburg provide what is used for corporate events or conferences.So if it is all set up for speeches , having a surprise musician perform at the lunch break can be very problematic. It is very important to note that not all PA systems and even the set ups are the same and can make a big difference to the performers and can change the performance. Most sound and Production companies in Johannesburg know all these differences but it is important that you as the client understand then as well.

  • Sound Hire Johannesburg

    Sound Hire Johannesburg

    Understanding Sound hire VS Sound and lighting.

    Although Sometimes things may seem quite obvious and straight forward, they may not always be.This is especially the case in the world of audio visual and audiovisual hire. The terms that are used by the public often don't relate very well to obtaining the correct equipment for the event you are about to have. A very common example from the past was: projector or overhead projector,lightpro, proxima and data projector. This was just the beginning of the problem as there are many different sizes and types of projectors.

    If you have a corporate event or private party coming up, you would most likely be looking around for sound equipment hire or simply sound hire for your event. If you wanted, for example, a PA system for some speeches and then background music etc then when you contact the sound hire companies and you would most likely get what you are looking for.

    There is also not very much difference between a PA system and a sound system in the corporate environment although some may confuse a sound system with a HIFI.

    Where it can get really confusing is when you are looking for sound system hire in johannesburg and end up with sound and lighting hire instead, which is more performance related. When you deal with stage sound services hire, you are more working with event services which are normally needed for music performances like bands, singers, a play and also large corporate events. Although they may seem very similar, there is a huge difference.

    The first is that a lot of sound hire in Johannesburg can be referred to as "Dry Hire" which is where you either collect the AV equipment yourself or have it delivered and set it up and run it yourself. Sometimes you can have the sound hire companies in Johannesburg, deliver and set up the equipment, then you just operate it.

    The services provide for corporate events can very often be very different to those for music performances or events.These differences can also affect the outcome of the event or performance.

    When you deal with stage and lighting companies, the sound system can be a much larger system and not useful for an individual to operate on their own.

    Apart from the price difference in the equipment hire, you would have to have experience as a professional sound engineer or sound technician to operate the system correctly.

    The equipment is also very unlikely to be available on a "dry hire" basis because of the high cost of the equipment and logistics of moving a big system.

    Sound hire in Johannesburg is often seen as an all encompassing service but in fact their are so many variations of the same thing and different sized sound hire services in Johannesburg can provide different equipment for different event types.

    Sound hire services can be as simple as a 800Watt music system for your party or as complex as a live concert with moving head lighting and performance sized sound for 20 000 people or more.

    The simplest way to get what you really need is to explain to your Audiovisual company what the requirements for your event are. So a simple explanation of " We are going to have a corporate presentation for 70 people in our conference room" will give the type of information needed to choose the right sound system for the event.

    sound and lighting hire johannesburg companies whether large or small can tell you that it is never a one fits all situation when it comes to sound systems.The equipment hire should match the event.

    That is why communication with your AV company is so important.This will help not only with getting the correct equipment but having it set up and running the way you want it and even more importantly, they way it would perform best for the event.

  • Sound hire companies

    Sound system hire In Johannesburg

    Bigger is better ,or is it? Does it apply to AV?

    In many cases and in may industries, it has often been a case of bigger is better when it comes to audiovisual equipment.Bigger screens , bigger speakers, bigger everything. Sometimes this is true .A bigger screen is nicer to look at.More people can see it but at what cost?

    A group of people at a conference numbering 50 to 100 people do not need to have two 3 x 4 meter screens. It may be more impressive but is not always necessary. Audio visual companies or sound hire companies, who may have the best intentions and provide top quality services, may sometimes also push for client to use larger screens and projectors.The situation in the past was that the extra cost was not as important as the impressiveness of the event.

    Finances have changed .Along with announcements that South Africans, will now pay more tax and costs will be higher with increases in petrol prices and levies. This means more costs and smaller profit margins for companies and less disposable income for individuals.

    When times are tough, the smart people adjust to make their money work harder.This does not mean stopping spending all together.That mostly just makes things worse.

    What really should be looked at is, whether a 2.4 x 1.8 screen is more suitable than a 3 x 4 screen. These changes can make a huge difference in the long run.

    Video production companies can also offer smaller packages for corporate video production. Where a crew of 3 people can be replaced by a single person, especially if there is travel involved, huge cost savings can be achieved.

    Sound hire Johannesburg companies and most any video production company Johannesburg based or around the country, would often prefer you to take the larger , more expensive options as this brings them more income.The question is "will this help your company?"

    PA system hire johannesburg companies and general audio visual hire johannesburg companies can supply many different options which can be as effective as the larger flashier options.

    The client also most often cannot tell the difference between the different size screens and difference sized speakers.

    If the message comes across clearly then most audiences are happy.

    So remember ,whether you are speaking to sound hire companies or video production companies, ask what other options they have to reduce costs but maintain quality.

  • Sound recording for meetings and events

    Conference Sound Recording

    Sound Recording


    What to expect when recording conferences or meetings. Conferences or meetings often need to be audio recorded either for legal or training purposes or sometimes just to have a record.In most cases this requires a qualified ptechnician to operate the recording equipment.

    Although it is pretty easy to copy some audio from one digital device to another, the capturing of the audio is a far more specialised skill. Not only does the recording have to be constantly monitored to see that the audio feeds from microphones that are providing audio but the audio levels and quality must be checked throughout the recording to be sure that no audio is distorted or of poor quality. Loosing only a portion of the overall audio can also cause the entire exercise to be useless. Quality of audio is also not just about what sounds pleasant but poor quality audio can become unusable for legal purposes.Conference recording in Johannesburg is a type of service which needs to be done professionally.

    Apart from the sound needing to be of the best quality for the purpose it is to be used for later, it needs to be complete and good enough for just about any purpose. When it comes to the bit rate of a recording, this is not as important if only a record of information is needed.

    Some very low bit rates as low as 64 kb/s can still capture enough quality for audio information storage. The sound quality however will not be as pleasing to listen to. If the recording is intended to be used for example for a production such as a video recording or to make a CD or other audio productions, then the audio should be recorded at the highest possible quality available. These are the kinds of judgements the audio technician will have to make based on what the final product needs to be.

    As far as the actual audio recording goes, analogue recordings have just about completely disappeared. Audio tape recordings are a thing of the past. Not only are they of poor quality compared to their digital counterparts, they are very difficult to use in comparison to digital audio files.

    The advances in technology have moved us to the point where within just a few seconds of making the recording, the audio file can be available on an SD flash drive or other memory drives. Thanks to digital there should be just about no delay unless a duplicate is to be made of the audio and this is also a fast process.

    In the audio chain of the recording , there are a few factors to consider.

    1) What microphones need be used?

    Will it be one microphone or many microphones, cordless or desktop?

    2) What quality is the audio mixer that connects them?

    A low quality audio mixer can create all sorts of sound problems from hiss to buzz noises.

    3) What audio recording device is being used?

    Is it an audio recorder or a computer or laptop being used to record?

    The audio technician or sound recording company should always provide the appropriate equipment based on the needs of the event or meeting and the final product. sound recording companies in Johannesburg can provide audio recording systems from just a few microphones to an complete conference audio system including desk top microphones for dozen or hundreds of people with ability to control who speaks and when. Although many sound hire companies in Johannesburg offer the service of sound recording, it is important to be sure that the technician is skilled enough to do the recordings. Providing sound system hire in Johannesburg is not the same as providing sound recording services. Finally ,an audio production company is not the same as video production companies although some of them can provide both services

  • Sound recording or recording and transcription

    Sound recording and transcribing in Johannesburg

    Transcribing Companies In Johannesburg and Sound recording services


    Sound recording services provided by sound hire johannesburg companies has been seen as different to recording services provided by transcribing companies in Johannesburg. In reality sound hire companies in Johannesburg can provide the sound recording as well if not better than transcribing companies. The reason for this is that sound hire companies are used to focusing on sound quality. This means that they know how to connect to existing systems to provide high quality recordings. The transcribing services can easily be provided by the sound hire companies Johannesburg or after the recording is done, be out sourced to other transcribing companies in johannesburg. This make for an ideal combination of services as the av equipment hire in Johannesburg can be combined with the voice recording and transcription. Whether you need just the sound recorded during a conference event or need recording and transcription services we can help. For a complete conference sound recording and transcription service , contact us to find out what packaged are available. We are one of the most cost effective and efficient recording and transcribing companies in Johannesburg.

  • Is sound hire needed to sound professional?

    PA System Hire IN Johannesburg

    Is sound hire needed to sound professional?


    There are so many conferences where, simply, sound hire is needed because the audience would not be able to hear the presenter or speaker because of the size of the room or from the audience size but there are so many cases where the audience could be able to hear the presentation clearly with or without the stage and sound hire.

    In these cases it's often more about how authoritative the presenters sound through the sound system. In so many of these cases where one presenter is using the sound system in a reasonably small room and another presenter there says "don't worry I don't need the mic" that the presenter using the microphone often comes across as a superior presenter and the person who opted not to use the microphone can appear like a loud mouth who really comes across as a weaker presenter.

    This is of course purely perception but as we know, how you are perceived as a presenter is extremely important.Conference sound hire is not just there to boost sound levels but to create an air of importance and sophistication . Sound and lighting hire johannesburg companies have long known this and have seen so many presentations lift off as a result of good quality sound and stage hire.

    Stage hire johannesburg companies have also seen the same results from the staging hire. In most conferences, the audience is seeted so there is really no need for a stage but the slight raising of a person by 30 cm can lift that persons status in the eyes of the audience and can make the messages they deliver seem that much more important to the audience.

    Video production companies in johannesburg have also seen many benefits of using the stage and sound hire as a result of the use of the microphone providing high quality audio for the video recording and the raised presenters make for an easier subject to film or video. Video production companies can often insist on these requirements to provide a professional conference video.

    The obvious benefits in stage and sound hire are great but there are so many more benefits than most might realize. So yes sound hire is needed to sound professional in so many cases.

  • Is sound recording considered to be sound hire?

    Transcribing Companies In Johannesburg

    Is sound recording considered to be sound hire?


    Often When sound recording is done for a conference or event it is seen as a type of transcription service or production service like a video production, where sound system hire is seen mainly as equipment hire. Even though these two types of services are different, it is very likely that both services may be supplied by one company. And though there has been some service specialization that has occurred where services such as the use of translation booths and transcription can be seen as services provided by conference sound companies who are really sound recording companies, and sound hire has been seen as those who set up speaker systems and projector screen hire, these services are cross pollinated and have become one and the same service in many cases.

    Many people may feel that it would be better to use the services of companies who specializes in a specific services and should therefore seen as specialists, this is not the way it works in sound hire services.

    There is a leaning by each sound company to the one side or the other such that one sound company may be more of a sound recording service and transcriptions service sometimes providing desktop microphones which may give a more conference look and those who provide larger sound systems for conferences, corporate events, or live music events, having more of an event feel. These services can cross over on many occasions.

    Sound hire Johannesburg companies may, for example, spend more of their time installing sound system hire equipment but are likely quite experienced enough to provide quality recording along side the the sound hire equipment. Conference sound hire companies who focus on conference sound booths and do the sound recording, who may spend most of their installation time connection infrared links to translation headphones and sound recorders, quite often can also provide a high quality of sound systems for a conference or an event .

    when an event is set up by a sound hire company, the sound equipment can look more professional than some equipment set up by some sound recording companies because they may not have specialized in that equipment. This can mean that loudspeakers can look less like conference sound and more like disco speakers. But with sound recording, many sound hire companies use the same type of recording equipment as the recording companies with the only difference being the voice booths.

    This may result in the subcontracting of many of the services between the two types of companies with the translation booths being hired by the sound hire companies and the sound systems being hired by the sound recording companies.This is also where the two companies can begin to collaborate.

    In reality you may end up with very much the same service with almost no difference in price tag as a result of a lot of sound companies having discount agreements between them.This means even though there is a mark up, there wont be much of a difference with the final prices.

    Being in the sound industry for a long time, one may be able to spot the differences between the two types of companies by the equipment they use and by the way they run their services.

    This does however, mostly, not affect the services received by the client unless there are specific requirement which the sound company may not be able to supply such as providing the specialized translation personnel for different language translation.

    In most cases it becomes a more of a preference than a difference between the two types of services.

    Pretoria is the capital of South Africa. There are many government departments in Pretoria which make use of these types of sound services and the sound hire Pretoria companies can provide both of these services because of the high demand of both kinds. Sound system for hire in Pretoria can, in many cases, be supplied with a sound technician or sound engineer who could do the recordings as well.

  • Corporate conference production

    Sound Recording


    It is quite interesting to hear the public asking for tape recordings of their conference.The fact is although conference recordings were done on cassette long after the public stopped using cassettes, they are no longer used.  There are no more conference audio recordings done on cassette recorders. The problem is that there is no good replacement wording. You could say sound recording but it is not as clear as tape recording.
    Most professional sound recording is done on PC or Mac. The sound is mostly provided on disk or memory stick as mp3 recordings. The reasons for the change are pretty obvious but here they are:

    1) Better sound quality

    2) easy to copy

    3) easy to scan through,

    4) cheap to supply on disk

    5) fast delivery of content.
    The downside is that some might say that it is not as good for legal purposes because it can be modified.That is not really true.The recordings are just as editable on cassette as on MP3.The recordings remain as legal as ever.In fact due to the improves sound quality , probably more legal and reliable.The trick really is to choose an AV rental company or sound production company who knows how to capture the recordings correctly.It does not help if the technology is good and the sound engineer is not.The real art now is in the control of the audio through numerous devices and skill of the operator.
    For conference sound recording which is high in digital quality and audio quality, contact Absolutely AV who can deliver top quality sound which is usable for transcribing and legal purposes, go to Related Services at the top of this page and find a sound recording in Johannesburg. we can supply not only the AV rental equipment in Johannesburg but also sound engineers and conference sound recording in Johannesburg and digital sound recording.

  • Corporate conference Sound Recording

  • Conference Equipment Hire in Johannesburg

    sound hire companies in Johannesburg

    Is sound hire and AV rental the same thing?

    With there being so many variations of the term "audio visual" such as AV, sound and lighting, sound equipment hire, audio visual hire, stage and lighting, it is important to know if the terms are correct.

    In reality, these terms are interchangeable and often do mean the same thing but if you were speaking to audio visual companies johannesburg based, and you wanted to order presentation equipment, it is best to be specific about the type of equipment you would like. For example a data projector (also called video projector) or PA system (also called a sound system).

    Audio visual companies in johannesburg would normally know what you mean when you say that you want AV equipment hire but you do need to be more specific about your own requirements.

    Sound hire johannesburg companies are mostly also av companies too but you should always check first to see if they are in fact Audio Visual companies because some sound and lighting hire johannesburg companies specialize in providing sound only. They may not be able to help you with projectors and screens etc although they could possibly provide a variety of sound systems from a standard conference PA system to a large sound rig for events.

    sound and lighting companies in johannesburg who provide excellent sound equipment, are not all necessarily audio visual companies. There are even more specialized fields as well. If you were looking for live video conferencing, this is a services which a lot of audio visual companies do not supply. It can get even more complicated if you needed sound booths (translation booths) and desk top microphones. There are companies who specialize in just doing these types of sound.

    Sound hire in johanneburg is really a variety of types of services and many of them very specialized. So while the terms in audio visual hire may be completely interchangeable, the companies who supply specific equipment you may need, may be very different.

    The important thing to remember is to let the audio visual company know, your exact conference or event needs, then they will be able to tell you if they do provide that type of service or equipment. Many av companies can subcontract these services out if you are happy to work through them and have them organize that part along with your other av need.

  • Sound Hire in Johannesburg

    Do you need a sound hire company when doing a corporate video?

    Firstly there are two types of corporate video. One is where a video is made for a company as a marketing or training tool.The other is when a video is made while a corporate event is taking place. If you are making a video for say a YouTube marketing video then you don't need a sound hire company. All of the sound will be captured by the corporate videographer or the sound technician who has a separate sound recording system. Most of the sound is done in post-production anyway so often often sound recording is not a big concern. The second type is during a corporate event which very likely would need a sound system for the presentations. Most professional video production companies in Johannesburg will opt to connect directly into the sound hire companies equipment in order to get a clear sound from the presenters. Often the corporate video production companies will have their own sound equipment such as a lapel or lavalier microphone which they will attach to the podium to get the sound. The problem comes in when the presenter decides to wall away from the podium leaving the point of sound recording. That is why the video production companies like to have a sound feed from the sound hire equipment. That said. If a video crew is filming a conference where there is no sound system, all sorts of problems can occur. The first is that even if you give a microphone to a presenter to record the sound for the video, because there is no audible sound for him or her, they feel awkward speaking into the microphone. As much as the sound is needed for the recording, the presenter will often put the microphone down and walk around without it. The sound for the recording then goes out the window. What little sound can obtained from the on-board microphone of the camera often is close to worthless.

    So if the question is " Do you need a sound hire company when doing a corporate video?" the answer can at times be Yes even if a sound system isn't really needed for the actual event. The room may be small or the audience my be able to hear the presenter without a sound system by as a result of not using one, the sound for the video production can be lost. Many would argue that a simple answer would be to place a lapel or lavalier microphone onto the presenter but the problem comes in when the presenters switch over to someone else or they forget to switch it on. Without being able to hear the loss of audio they may carry on regardless. Often a videographer or cameraman cannot interfere with the event to fix this as he is busy videoing and the client often does not want the flow of the even interfered with so the audio is lost. It is therefor highly recommended that a sound hire company in Johannesburg is used for the audio side of the video regardless of room or audience size.

    Video production companies in Johannesburg often work hand in hand with sound hire companies in Johannesburg as a result. They often don't need to work together at all but when they do , it is extremely important that they work well together to provide what the client needs, which is a great corporate event and a great corporate video at the same time.So when setting up your next corporate conference remember that the sound from a sound hire company in Johannesburg may be needed even if you can hear the presenter without one.

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  • Corporate conference production

    What does it cost to not hire a sound system?


    In the audiovisual industry as in the advertising industry, often when the economy gets a bit tough and people and companies are looking to save money, they look at cost cutting measures such as reducing advertising and with their corporate events, reduce the audio equipment hire.

    Sound hire and video projector hire should not be sacrificed to save money.

    When cutting out unnecessary expenses, which can easily be removed without affecting the business income, this can be seen as good business practice.

    This is not the case for sound equipment hire or in fact for corporate video production, put together by professional video production companies in South Africa.

    These are tools that can help to bring more customers.

    Conferencing as well as creating corporate video productions for marketing purposes, are a great stimulus for bringing new customers.Marketing brings customers.Very Simple.

    Cutting them out is illogical much in the same way as saying that if you put in less petrol in a car it will be lighter so will go further. The weight difference is really negligible and the car will run out of petrol. A very problematic way of thinking especially for business.

    The reason you probably can't find out what the results were of this way of thinking is likely because many of the businesses who tried it are no longer in business.

    It is a strange thing that the people who built those businesses in the first place understood risk and investment when they started but now may be suddenly running scared.

    As many financial advisers may be able to tell you:Often a poor economy stems from a lack of confidence in the economy. This results in less spending which can lead to a decrease in growth or in fact recession.

    So it can actually be a type of self fulfilling prophecy .You may think the economy is bad so you don't spend so the economy becomes bad. Even worse for many is that if this happens but other have the courage to push forward with investing in their businesses, they often come out on top of the business field where many may be out of the field all together.

    Now it would be foolhardy to suggest that a person or company should not look carefully at their spending habits but the ability to distinguish wasteful spending from business investment can make or break a business.

    Be careful what you throw out and what you keep.

  • Why sound hire is important for video productions

    Why sound hire is important for video productions


    When it comes to conferences or corporate events, the video production company often relies heavily on the sound hire company to provide an audio feed for the video recording.

    As much as most video production companies also supply their own microphones, the presenter can often walk away from the production company microphones and simply use the cordless microphone from the audio visual hire company.

    This sound will need to be recorded separately by the video production companies and added later to the edit.

    This makes the quality of sound from the conference sound hire extremely important because it will impact in the quality of sound in the final video product. So if you intend doing a professional video production from your corporate event then be sure the microphone and sound system hire quality is of high quality.

    The two services should not be seen as two completely separate things but closely connected and both having an impact on the final video product. For this reason some video production companies offer the sound hire as part of their service and sometimes the opposite applies where sound hire companies offer video production services.

  • What are the basics of audio visual hire?


    Most audio visual hire is for a presentation of some kind so the equipment used is intended to provide sound and visuals for a group of people.The group does not always have to be a large group for audio visual equipment hire to be used for the event.

    In some cases, a small room of only a few people may need the same sound as a corporate training event with over 100 people.

    The basics of audio visual hire in Johannesburg mostly includes projector and screen hire, sound system hire and other additional components such as a few extra microphones , podium hire, conference sound recording and sometimes even professional corporate video production.

    Most conferences can have a sound system with either two or four speakers and a projector of 3000 lumens and above.

    For many presentations you would assume that all is needed is a projector but often even for a small group, sound is needed for the short video clips often added for effect. Sometimes it is a simply a matter of the conference client wanting there to be music when the audience is waiting or at breaks.Many audio visual companies provide a range of services that you may not have thought of.

    It gets a little more complicated when you need language translation which makes use of translation booths and wireless headphones for different languages. There is also the need to record the event either as an audio recording of the conference or a complete video recording which can be used simply as a record of the event or as future marketing material.

    There is also a recent trend towards doing live video conferencing which can be done via skype or full two way video feeds. This can also be done as audio conferencing which connects to a telephone line. This can be done with a speaker phone or connected through the sound system which makes the sound easier to listen too and comes off as way more professional.

    If a client wants to reach a large audience then live feed video is a nice option .The video camera is pointed at the presenter and the video image is sent to one or more projectors so people further away can still enjoy a clear view of the presentation.

    So sound hire in johannesburg can be as simple as a PA system and as intricate as full audio visual hire. When you speak to audio visual hire companies , ask about the variety of services available to enhance your corporate or private event.

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